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title: Commit Messages
For our commit messages we follow the style provided by [Conventional Commits](https://conventionalcommits.org). Not all of those suggestions are appropriate for Privacy Guides, so the main ones we use are:
## Commit message with correction
We use `fix` for simple things like spelling mistakes or site related bugs. These things will usually have the `correction` or `bug` label on GitHub.
fix: Correct spelling on XYZ page (#0000)
## Update to site
This example is for a removal of an item (but could also be used for an addition); you may elaborate why it was removed in the commit paragraph below. It can also be used for the addition of any new pages.
update: Remove foobar (#0000)
Foobar was removed due to it having numerious security issues and being unmaintained.
## Update to specific item
This example could be used for an item already on the site, but includes a minor update to the description.
foobar: Add mention of security audit (#0000)
## Feature/enhancement
For new features or enhancements to the site, e.g. things that have the `enhancements` label on GitHub, it may be appropriate to signify these with:
feat: Add blah blah (#0000)
This change adds the forum topics to the main page
## Module update
Dependency updates follow the normal recommendations of beginning with:
chore: Bump modules/mkdocs-material from 463e535 to 621a5b8

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