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Privacy Guides Branding

This repository contains resources for the Privacy Guides brand, such as logos, icons, color palettes, etc.



Privacy Guides


Privacy Guides


  • Primary: #FFD06F
  • Secondary: #3C00E0


Things to Know

The name of the website is Privacy Guides and should not be changed to:

  • PrivacyGuides
  • Privacy guides
  • PG
  • PG.org

The name of the subreddit is r/PrivacyGuides or the Privacy Guides Subreddit.

Trademark Notice

"Privacy Guides" and the shield logo are trademarks owned by Jonah Aragon, unlimited usage is granted to the Privacy Guides project.

Without waiving any of its rights, Privacy Guides does not advise others on the scope of its intellectual property rights. Privacy Guides does not permit or consent to any use of its trademarks in any manner that is likely to cause confusion by implying association with or sponsorship by Privacy Guides. If you are aware of any such use, please contact Jonah Aragon at jonah@privacyguides.org. Consult your legal counsel if you have questions.